Building Self-Reliance in the Adaklu Region of Eastern Ghana

What We Do

FOA is a different kind of NGO.

Instead of popping in and popping out - providing a single service (like digging wells or building latrines), FOA stays put to help the people of Adaklu ensure the success of their projects and dreams.




Small and tightly focused, we work village-by-village, slowly growing outwards from our home village of Adaklu Dawanu.

Our ambassadors are the people we have helped, encouraged and educated. Because they are proud of their accomplishments they are happy to share what they have learned with other communities. This approach builds confident, strong, proud communities who believe in their own abilities, resilience and  resourcefulness.

How It Works

Everyone at FOA is a volunteer so every penny raised goes into the communities of Adaklu. There are no salaries and no administrative costs. Why? Because we are devoted to improving the lives of the people of the Adaklu region of eastern Ghana - one of the poorest and most resource challenged areas of the world, because our hearts are in it, and because we know that a single person can make a difference..... And what a difference we have made!



FOA is proud to help communities build bright futures for themselves. We work with them, and their leaders, to resolve the issues that stop people from arriving at self-reliant, sustainable solutions. We offer a hand up, not a handout. We do that by providing tools, supplies, skills, expertise, information, negotiation, organizational support, and advocacy. We also partner with international aid organizations to share their expertise and resources.

Over the last 10 years FOA has gained the trust and confidence of the people of Adaklu. They know we will help them achieve their goals and that we have their well being at heart. They know we will be there to help them work through problems and come up with the resources they need to make their projects successful. 



All FOA's projects are social enterprises. That means they are sustainable and foster self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

We want FOA to be a testament to perseverance, ingenuity, and the humanity that binds us all.


Our Logo says it All

It's an Adinkra symbol and it represents FOA perfectly because it symbolizes "I will help you fill your basket, but I will not carry it."

FOA will provide all the tools required to make a project successful but they will not do the work; that is for the community to do so the project becomes truly theirs as does the success and the pride.

FOA Is About:

* Education
  • Student Sponsorship Program
  • Dawanu Library and Research Centre
  • Dawanu Reading Club
  • After School Program
* Health Care
  • Mimi Health and Maternity Clinic
  • Alma's Gift Sanitary Pad Program
* Food & Economic Security
  • School Garden
  • Community Garden
  • Cassava, maize and mushroom farming
  • SHE Project (Soap Hygiene Enterprise)
  • WIN Pastries (Women Inspired by Nutrition)

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