2023 Annual Report

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Under Stella's tutelage and encouragement 17 of FOA's young people entered the UN's body awareness dance competition and after much practice they WON!!!! 

These children, who have so little, proved  that their determination and imaginations could take them to the top of the world.

To see the dance that made them # 1 follow this link 


NUNYA VILLAGE - Where Culture Meets Creativity

It's 2nd goal is to preserve Ghana's arts and cultures by teaching them to young people who will then, in turn, teach them to visitors and tourists - who get to take home a piece of Ghana that they have made with their own hands under the tutelage of aNunya Village facilitator.

And it's 3rd goal is to bolster the local economy by having local community members provide food and accommodations for Nunya Village's visitors. 

Upcycling, Recycling, Repurposing 

As Nunya Village grows its impact on the community and on the learning of its visitors will also grow.

Nunya Village will have its own farm where visitors can learn learn about local crops and farming techniques that meet the challenges of growing food in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Visitors will also be able to make the acquaintance of local farm animals; cows, goats, sheep, and chickens all play vital roles in the lives of Adaklu communities. 

Welcome to Nunya Village where Adaklu's young people learn to become Ghana's future culture ambassadors and facilitators.

Nunya Village is a multi-purpose arts incubator with 3 goals.

It's 1st goal is to create employment for Adaklu's young people.  

All the arts and crafts created at Nunya Village are made from 100% repurposed or recycled materials that have found new lives in the skillful and imaginative hands of our young artisans. 

So far Phase One is complete and we are focusing on making jewelry from recycled glass bottles and cloth scraps, as well as weaving traditional Kente cloth.

Others crafts visitors will soon be able to participate in making are:

  • Drum making complete with a drumming workshop
  • Ghanaian cooking and food preparation
  • Batik cloth printing
  • Ghanaian dancing lessons
  • Pottery making
  • Wood carving

So, come to Nunya Village and a have a 100% Ghanaian experience. And if you don't have time to make a craft you can take home a bit of Ghana from Ghana Gifts our gift shop and Visitor Centre.

The Good Life Centre - FOA's Home in Adaklu

FOA has a home in Ghana. The Good Life Centre is beautiful and modern and is right next to the main road leading from Adaklu to Ho. It was inaugurated on Oct 10th, 2023 and absolutely everyone, even the Adaklu Regional Director, showed up. It will serve as Stella's office, as well as a community hub for meetings, film screenings, workshops, computer training etc. It cements FOA's commitment and dedication to the people of Adaklu.

Construction started in July 2023 with a traditional ground breaking ceremony and blessing. Stella did an astounding job getting the building completed in just 10 weeks. 


SHE PROJECT - Soap Hygiene Entrepreneurship

Having been selected as Sundara's Ghanaian RISE Fellow Stella started up the SHE Project - the production of liquid soap. She selected women from a number of Adaklu's communities and trained them in making and marketing SHE products. Not only did Stella create financial independence for 20 women, but she improved access to hygiene during a critical time. It's FOA's plan to get more women in other communities involved in the manufacturing of this vital product. 



When FOA received a generous donation we asked the community how they would like to invest it. Several women said they would like to learn to make and sell pastries, so Stella organized pastry making workshops as well as business classes and the WIN Pastry project got underway.

Of course, once the women knew how to make their pastries and run their business they needed somewhere to sell them so FOA gave new life to an unwanted shipping container and the WIN Pastry Shop was born. 

Needless to say WIN Pastries sold like hotcakes and it wasn't long before 4 Junior High School students joined the WIN Project as apprentice bakers.

So far all the pastries and drinks produced by the WIN Project are being purchased by community members who are happy to have such delicacies available in their community.

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