Building Self-Reliance in the Adaklu Region of Eastern Ghana

What we do

At Friends of Adaklu we believe that Hope lives in Change.

That is why Friends of Adaklu is devoted to improving the lives of the people of the Adaklu region of eastern Ghana - one of the poorest and most resource strapped areas of the country. We work with the villagers to foster self-reliance, and entrepreneurship through sustainable projects . FOA provides tools, skills, information, and organizational support, so the community can help itself break the poverty cycle. We partner with international aid organizations to address the needs of the Adaklu communities. We hope to be a testament to perseverance, ingenuity, and the humanity that binds us all.

FOA Programs & Projects

At  FOA - It's about:

* Education
  • Student Sponsorship Program
  • Dawanu Research Centre
  • Dawanu Reading Club
* Health Care
  • Mimi Health and Maternity Clinic
  • Acute Care Baby Unit
* Food & Economic Security
  • School Garden
  • Community Garden
  • Cassava Farm

We work with the community, and its leadership, to resolve the issues that stop people from arriving at self-reliant, sustainable solutions. We offer a handup, not a handout.

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