It's hard to be entrepreneurial and innovative when you don't know where your next meal is coming from. Food security means not having to worry about being hungry so you can concentrate on other things like your schooling and your job.

At FOA tackling food security has been one of our main goals and one of our major successes. We've done this by teaching the community about nutrition and by enabling them to grow their own food by supplying them with the tools and information they need to be successful farmers.


School & Community Garden Projects

It all started in 2017 when we worked with our donors and Adaklu-Dawanu's teachers and students to create a school garden. The children were learning about plants and agriculture so why not put their education into practice. The children loved the idea and were such avid gardeners that their first harvest greatly exceeded everyone's expectations. Headmistress Stella Dzifa-Kudah wrote:

 "Happy to let you know that our school's garden is doing great. The children and teachers have decided to have a taste of their crops by cooking them and selling the rest in the nearest market. The proceeds from the sale of the school's garden crops will be used to buy boards. These boards will be used for additional shelves for the school's library. The Chief of the Dawanu community has given the school additional land for the school garden to be extended after seeing the progress of the current one. "

The School Garden was so successful that Chief Lablulu granted us a large plot of land to expand into a community garden. A project started for and by the children is now feeding the community as well as providing some financial security.

Cassava and MaizeFarming Project

Adaklu-Dawanu's Cassava Farm Project is FOA's pride and joy. It grew out of the success of the School and Community Gardens. 35 village women saw the quality and quantity of vegetables grown by the children and community, and realized they could take this idea further, so they asked FOA's Local Representative, Stella Kudah, to help them get started. Stella arranged meetings with advisors from the Ministry of Agriculture, M$B Seeds, and the Root and Tuber Improvement Program.The women also worked with agents from the gari production and distribution centre who agreed to purchase the women's crops and help them sort out problems in production and distribution.

The cooperative selected 5 women to be FOA's first cassava and maizepioneers and, after finding sponsors, the project was underway. All the women agreed to help and support each other to ensure the success of their cooperative. They agreed to plough some of their earnings back into the project to sponsor the next 5 women, and so on. With a little luck all 35 women will be working their own acre of land by 2026. Until they get their own plot they will all be working together on each other's farms, experimenting and learning as they go. And FOA will be right there helping and learning along with them.

Want to support a Cassava Pioneer?

Your donation of   $600 CDN, $455 USD, or 410 Euros can feed a family forever.

When you donate a Cassava Pioneer receives:

 * 1 acre of land

* clearing and ploughing of land

* preparation of soil

 * fertilizer

 * high quality tubers and seeds

 * sprayer and pesticide

 * farming tools

 * rubber boots

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