SHE PROJECT - Soap Hygiene Entrepreneurship

Having been selected as Sundara's Ghanaian RISE Fellow Stella started up the SHE Project - the production of liquid soap. She selected women from a number of Adaklu's communities and trained them in making and marketing SHE products. Not did Stella make 20 women financially independent, but she improved access to hygiene during a critical time. It is FOA's plan to get more women in other communities involved in the manufacture of this vital product. 

Community Survey

FOA's community survey assessed the needs of the villagers and tapped into the community's knowledge and expertise about their resources and how best to use them.

Stella Kudah Dzifa, and her wonderful teaching staff talked to the villagers about their biggest challenges and asked them to help us come up with solutions that were local, practical and sustainable - solutions that the community could maintain without outside help. 

 Many of the villagers enjoyed answering the questions. They felt the questionnaire was important; it made them feel that they were contributing and that their opinions and voices were being heard and their ideas considered.

The survey  opened the door to many communal discussions about what the villagers wanted their future to look like and how they proposed to get there. 

For FOA these discussions about the villager's future were crucial because they laid the foundations for potential projects and because they got the community planning and strategizing, working together to formulate who and what they would like to become.  

Adaklu-Dawanu gets potable water

Over 1,500 people live in Adaklu-Dawanu without any source for potable water. Their water came from nearby streams, ponds and dams and was dirty and filled with parasites. It was therefore a joyous moment when The Swiss Angels Foundation inaugurated a mechanised borehole in the community and tapped into clean, clear ground water.The groundwater is pumped into an underground storage tank. Residents access the potable water through communal taps and pumps.

An official of the Adaklu District Health Directorate, Madam Antoinette Alornyo, said the intervention would help curb water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera, which are prevalent, especially among children in the district.

Swiss Angels co-founder and country director, Mr. Francis Daffor, said the mechanized borehole formed part of the foundation’s mission to help underprivileged people and underserved communities through the provision of basic social amenities.

The Chief of Adaklu Dawanu, Togbe Kati II, expressed profound gratitude to the Swiss Angels Foundation for their gesture and promised the facility would be well maintained so it would serve the community for years to come.

New Books and School Supplies Arrive!

" I never knew what a textbook was, and now I have one."

Jan 2021 

The school supplies purchased by the children's sponsors arrived in Adaklu-Dawanu. 

NEW books, pencils, notebooks, backpacks!

Imagine the children's joy and pride; most of them have never, ever had anything new in their whole lives.

Education sponsorship can make a child's dreams come true!

Our School & Community Gardens

One of FOA's big dreams has come true. Adaklu Dawanu has started a community garden! A garden-loving sponsor contributed money towards the purchasing of gardening supplies for the community garden. A wheelbarrow was purchased in his honour and named after him.

The birth of the communal garden is tied to the children's success with their school garden. When the adults saw how well the children were doing they thought,"well why not us." The school and community gardens are a big step forward towards Dawanu's independence, food and financial security, and health. 

Here's what headmistress Stella Kudah Dzifa wrote to FOA about the project:

"Thanks to the money you sent to us ... I have been able to purchase the school garden tools. The smile on our faces (my students, teachers and I) can not be explained with words. All we say is THANK YOU HELGA. I also want to say thank you to Robert for his wonderful ideas and guidelines towards the school garden. With regard to the garden tools bought, l had a meeting with the community leaders and we had discussions on how to protect and maintain the tools."

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